A Norwegian startup company

Waveco AS was founded 1 November 2015. The objective is to develop the Subwave concept.


We seek investors or industrial partners

This way of harvesting ocean energy has the potential to become a large scale industrial adventure, and a contribution to a greener world.


Please contact us for more information.

From the willage of Selje, Norway

Our office address is in the village of Selje, on the west coast of Norway. Selje is known for its position as a prominent religious center in the Viking era. Today, industry, fishing and agriculture are the major activities.


Selje municipality has a population of about 3.000, while the willage itself counts around 500. An express boat connects with Bergen twice daily, a five hour trip one way. Nearest airport is Sandane, one and a half hour by car.

Waveco AS, N-6740 SELJE, Norway

Org no. 916 216 645

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